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Investment loan deals From 6.29% p.a. Comparison Rate* 6.31% p.a.
* The comparison rate is based on a loan amount of $150,000, over a 25 year term. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

Investment Property Loans

Investing in property has long been a cornerstone of the Australian dream and we are proud to offer a variety of investment property loans to suit all types of investors. Owning your own piece of real estate is a tangible and enduring way to secure your financial future. At Beyond Broking, we understand the allure of property investment and are here to guide you on your journey towards long-term financial stability.

Investing in Property: A Sound Strategy

Property investment offers not only the promise of financial security but also the satisfaction of owning a tangible asset. However, beyond the dream of homeownership lies the need for a well-thought-out plan. This is where we step in to become your personal property investment specialist, leveraging our accounting backgrounds to create a strategic roadmap for your property investment success.

Navigating Complexities with Expertise

The property market can be complex, with factors like negative gearing, stamp duty, and taxes influencing your investment outcomes. Changes in market conditions have made investing in real estate more challenging, but with our guidance, you can develop a strategy that works even in dynamic markets. We may even be able to secure investment property loans at owner-occupied interest rates.

Property Investment Loan Specialists

Your investment finance is key to achieving your property investing goals, with the correct loan types and structures imperative to your results.

Access To Over 50 Lenders

We give our clients greater choice, accessing more deals and therefore able to find the most competitive rates and terms.

Accounting Backgrounds

Our broad experience in the accounting and finance field allow us to holistically support property investors strategically approach their finance.

Property Investor Loans: Our Approach

Leveraging Your Existing Assets

If you currently own a home, you may have a valuable resource at your disposal: equity. Utilising equity built in your current home can provide the funds needed to invest in additional properties. Our team can help you explore this option and determine how best to leverage your existing assets for property investment.

Strategic Portfolio Structuring

Getting your property portfolio set up correctly from the start is crucial for long-term success. Proper structuring can significantly impact your overall investment outcomes. Our experts can assist in creating and fine-tuning your investment strategy, ensuring your portfolio is optimally structured for maximum returns. If you already have an existing portfolio, we can review and suggest strategic restructuring to enhance its performance.

Self Managed Super Fund Loans

Buying property through your self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be a tax-effective way to achieve homeownership and build wealth for retirement. However, SMSF property investment can be complex, requiring specialised knowledge. Contact us for expert guidance and further information on this investment avenue.

Leveraging Our Networks

Our experience in the industry means that we have access to a range of fantastic financial planners, accountants, property advisors and estate agents who we can leverage to help you get the best result.

Book A Complimentary Investor Finance Review

You'll receieve personalised, expert guidance on your investment finance, allowing your to make informed decisions, optimise your portfolio and work toward achieving your financial goals with confidence. Here’s what you can to expect to gain from your complimentary review:

  • Assess existing Investment Property Loans
  • Potfolio Evaluation
  • Goal Alignment
  • Eploring New Investment
  • Superannuation Opportunities
By the end of your review, you'll be armed with personalised recommendations and a roadmap to maximise your investment potential.


Like to get an idea of how much you can borrow? Crunch the numbers using our handy calculators, they will give you a good idea of where you’re at. Just remember we review your full financial situation to provide a more accurate picture.

Setting Goals for Property Investment

Our expertise goes beyond broking; we also provide comprehensive support in developing and implementing effective property investing strategies that align with your financial goals. We understand that not all investors have the same goals, which is why we emphasise the importance of structuring your finances in alignment with your individually defined objectives to ensure your investment journey is tailored to your unique aspirations.

  • Deriving a Passive Income: Investing in property can provide a reliable source of passive income through rental returns, helping you achieve financial freedom over time.
  • Capital Growth: Properties tend to appreciate in value over the long term, offering the potential for significant capital growth and wealth accumulation.
  • Tax Efficiency: Maximising deductions such as negative gearing can help reduce your tax burden, making property investment an even more attractive option.
  • Balanced/Diversified Portfolio: A well-balanced property portfolio ensures diversification of assets, reducing risk and increasing the potential for steady returns.
  • Planning for Retirement: Property investment can serve as a robust retirement strategy, offering income and asset value to support your retirement lifestyle.

Find Out Your Borrowing Power in just 5 Minutes

Discovering your borrowing capacity is a quick and essential step for property investors. In just five minutes, you can gain valuable insights into your financial capabilities, allowing you to make informed decisions and seize profitable investment opportunities with confidence.


What is equity?

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Equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe on its home loan. Equity increases as you pay off the home loan and/or as the property value appreciates (increases!). Market conditions can favourably increase your property value quite quickly, opening up new options for you to invest or refinance at a better rate.

Can I use Equity from another property?

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Yes, and investment property loans are often structured around using home equity. Many factors contribute to equity loans and will depend on the lender, the type of property and availability of that equity. We can do a quick assessment and valuation to see if you qualify for this option.

Will Rental income help me buy?

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Rental income will be taken into account when analysing your ability to service the debt. In general, it is not usually the full 100% figure but more around the 80% mark, however each lenders policy is different, and we will find the best loan fit for you.

Should I have an Offset Account when investing?

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This really depends how you intend to use the property in your long-term financial strategy, but it is a great way to minimise interest repayments and avoid diluting your tax benefits. There are lots of options available, but our advice is to speak to an accountant to find out any tax implications before you start the process.

What is a Cash Out?

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This is an option for people looking to increase their loan amount by drawing on existing equity in the property. This type of feature is often utilised by people looking to fund a renovation or buy another property.

What is Negative Gearing?

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Negative gearing refers to the loss associated with property ownership relative to the income earned. For example, if the interest expense on your investment property is higher than the income produced in rent, your property would be considered negatively geared.

Is there a difference between my existing Home Loan and Property Investment Loans?

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In terms of its functionality, not really. Investment loans can be equipped with the same features as your normal home loan. Investment loans tend to have higher interest rates and larger upfront deposit or equity requirements.

Can I invest anywhere in Australia?

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Australian’s can invest anywhere in Australia. Different state government rules and regulations apply in each state however we assist you throughout the process to make sure everything is completed correctly.

I'm an Australian living overseas, Can I still invest in Australia?

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We’ve helped many Australian’s abroad invest in Australia, no matter if you’re living in London, Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong, location is no barrier for us to help Australian expats invest in their homeland. See our [Australian Expat Investors] page for more information.

Why should I use a mortgage broker for my investment property?

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Lending and mortgage broking is all we do! As experts in residential and commercial property loans, Beyond Broking organises your finances and provides professional finance advice, matching your needs with the most suitable lending solutions.

We talk to the lenders for you, negotiate better deals than what’s being offered, do all the paperwork for you and help you avoid taking out a loan you might later regret.

And it doesn’t stop there. We know the ins and outs of the industry and regularly monitor your loans to make sure you’re on the most suitable deal, now and in the years ahead too.

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