Home Loan Health Check

Could you be saving on your home loan?

With interest rates continuing to rise, Australian home owners face the risk of paying too much on their home loan, if they don’t undertake a home loan health check and review. 

Our home loan health check is a quick and simple way to determine if there are more competitive offers or products available in the market that can better meet your needs, plus save you thousands on your repayments each year.

Reasons to complete a home loan health check

✔️ Interest rates are on the rise

✔️ You are unhappy with your current repayments

✔️ Your fixed-rate term is be coming to an end

✔️ You want to pay off your home sooner

✔️ You want to explore renovating your home

✔️ You want to utilise any home equity you have built

✔️ You may have experienced changes in your personal circumstances

✔️ You may be looking to upgrade or invest in another property

✔️ You’re wondering whether your portfolio is optimally structured

✔️ You’re wanting to streamline and simplify your debt

✔️ You want to access better loan features

What you can expect from Beyond Broking

✔️ Discover if you’re eligible for more competitive offers

✔️ A valuation of your property to learn how you can use your equity

✔️ Your current LVR (loan to value ratio) and what this means for you

✔️ Options for offsetting your fixed or variable loans

✔️ How to streamline your debt and simplify your payments

✔️ A plan to achieve your future goals (renovating, upgrading, investing)

Is there a better loan for you?

Our team will take time to understand your situation, your goals and your current home loan to determine if there is a more competitive opportunity available that can save you thousands on your repayments, plus achieve your goals sooner. 

This complimentary service is a great way to determine if your home loan is still suitable and learn what options are available to you, so you can make an informed decision about your next steps toward your goals. 

Complete the contact form and our team will be in touch to discuss what opportunities are available to you.

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