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Need some help financing your first home?

Buying your first home can seem daunting. It's a big spend and you want to know your finances are in expert hands. Our job is to help put your mind at ease and to simplify the whole process for you. 

At Beyond Broking, we take that job seriously.

We search high and low to find you the most suitable deals, interest rates, and any first home buyers grants or other incentives you’re entitled to. In the end, the most suitable home loan for you may not be the one with the lowest rate or cheapest fees, but it will suit your circumstances, which is just as important. 

Our experienced and friendly team work hard ensure your first home loan experience is seemless. We take care of everything, and we're with you all the way to settlement and beyond!  

How can we help?

First home buyers grant

Walk you through the buying process

We go on the home buying journey with you, from start to finish. We want you to be informed and by setting the right expectations upfront, it makes all the difference in ensuring you a pleasant first home buyers experience.
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Explain all the costs

Stamp duty, registration fees, insurance and rates adjustments are a few costs to expect. We’ll take you through all normal home buying expenses at the start to plan ahead and make you well aware of what you’re getting yourself into. No nasty surprises!
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Apply the right strategy

Executing the right strategy can be the difference between you paying off your home loan sooner and avoiding unnecessary costs in the process. We give you all the information, tips and recommendations to have a concrete plan in place that’s easy to follow.
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Apply for government incentive programs

As a first home buyer you may be entitled to the first home buyers grant, stamp duty waivers, purchase cost assistance and other government home buyer schemes. We’ll let you know what’s currently available and if you qualify as rules and regulations on these often change.
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Set a realistic purchase price goal

We will guide you on setting the right purchase price boundary for your new home so that you can enjoy life without financial stress.


Why use a mortgage broker?

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Beyond Broking mortgage brokers are experts in residential and commercial property loans. Lending is all we do! We organise your finances and provide professional advice to match your needs with a suitable lending solution.

We talk to the lenders for you, negotiate better deals than what’s being offered, do all the paperwork and help you avoid taking out a loan you might later regret.

We save you hours of time, as for us, it’s about knowing the industry, planning a better mortgage for you, and regularly monitoring your loans in the proceeding years to ensure they still align with your lifestyle and current market condition. Best of all the bank pays us so you don’t have to.

What do I need to help the process?

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Generally the banks and lenders ask for the following items however when we first talk to you, we’ll ask you to provide these items and maybe a few other things to ensure our first meeting gets your application started promptly:

Proof of income (pay slips and bank statements)
A deposit backed by a proven savings history
A good credit history (we can still help if you don’t)

How much do I need for a deposit?

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Most lenders ask for 5% of the property value as a deposit but you need to factor in purchase costs like stamp duty, conveyancing and the impacts of lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). In general, the more you have saved, the more options you have and the easier the approval process becomes. If you don’t have 5% we do have lower deposit options available.

How much can I borrow?

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You can use our [borrowing power calculator] to give you an approximate idea, however we will thoroughly assess your situation and confirm exactly how much you can loan for your home after our first meeting.

Generally speaking, the more money you earn and the less debt you have, the more your capacity to borrow will be. Each lender will be different.

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