Australian Expat home loans

Australian expat home loans


Just because you live overseas doesn’t mean you can’t access the Australia property market.

Our access to a wide range of lenders means we can provide Australian citizens and permanent residents with a number of $AUD mortgage solutions for purchasing, investing and refinancing Australian real estate.

Location is proving to be no barrier for Beyond Broking, with our clients and enquiries stemming from all over the world. From London to New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, we yield calls for expert assistance, helping Australian’s working overseas buy houses in Australia as expats.

Being that you are overseas you will need to be prepared for some additional groundwork when going through the process, especially when it comes to documentation. But don't worry. we will be there every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome for you. 

Are you living overseas in a country that offers the financial benefit of having little or zero income tax? Make sure you let us know as it may increase your borrowing power.


  • Australian citizens and permanent residents only
  • Currency restrictions do apply
  • PAYG and self-employed options are available

How can we help?

Walk you through the buying process

We want you to be informed and setting the right expectations upfront can make all the difference in your buying experience.

Obtain pre-approval

Have comfort in knowing what you can borrow before you buy and help speed up the settlement process.

Portfolio reviews and restructuring

Strategically organising your portfolio will put you in the best buying position for your situation.

Periodic reviews

It is important that our clients remained well priced in the market all the times, so we make it our responsibility to do periodic reviews.


What documentation is required?

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This can vary depending on your situation, but we need to validate your income and debts to determine your loaneligibility. You should expect to provide at least the following:

Payslips and transaction account statements to verify income
Bank statements for debts, savings and transaction
Verification of Visa or work permit
Identification - Drivers licence and passport (in come cases certified by Australian Consulate office)
Evidence of available funds for purchase

How much can I borrow?

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There is no quick and easy answer for this as it's determined by your current income and debt position. Once you have provided us with sufficient supporting documentation, we can provide a reliable estimate and context over your borrowing capacity.

Are interest rates competitive for expats?

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While some lenders charge a higher interest rate for expat lending we are fortunate to have access to very competitive rates that closely align with domestic lending rates.

Do I need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board to purchase property?

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No, this is not a requirement unless you are a non-resident.

How is foreign income assessed by lenders?

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Your income is converted to Australian dollars and then shaded by at least 10% depending on the currency you earn.

Is the first home buyers grant and rate of duty available for expats?

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You are eligible for the first homeowners grant and rate of duty, however you must comply with the qualification criteria set out by each state revenue office. Investment purchases will not qualify for first home buyer benefits.

How much do I need for a deposit?

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In most cases you will need at least 20% for the Australian mortgage lender loan plus purchase costs (stamp duty, conveyancing, etc). In some instances, a lower deposit may be available and we will test you for this and provide estimates.

What is foreign buyers tax?

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If you are a non resident/foreign buyer and you acquire residential property you may be required to pay foreign buyers tax on top of existing transfer duty. The amount varies from state to state but you can expect to have to pay up to 8% of your ownership share at purchase. For example if you are a non resident/foreign buyer and you acquire a property jointly with your spouse for $1,000,000 with equals shares you could pay up to an additional 8% tax on your interest. In this scenario it would be an additional $40,000.

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