There are multiple factors to consider when getting a home loan, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process. Check out our articles to learn about all things home loans to help make your process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Demystifying First Home Owner Duties and Grants

I have recently met with a few first home buyers and the amount of information they are greeted with is pretty overwhelming and can take the shine off the whole experience. Below are some key facts about Western Australian stamp duty concessions for first home owners and the first home owner grant that should simplify at least […]

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Does size count?

Finding a deposit for your first home I remember shopping for my first home. It was pretty daunting to say the least and for an experience that is supposed to be exciting and fun it does have its drawbacks. Not only do you have to find a house you like and figure out if you […]

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3 tips to get rid of your home loan ASAP

Like many Australians I understand the cost associated with paying off a home loan. It’s not small by any means, so let’s not pay the banks any more money than necessary. For many of us making some quick and easy changes could help you save you in the long run. A short conversation with us […]

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We care about the cost of a Coffee but not the cost of our Mortgage

I have worked in lots of different areas within banking over my career and have a solid understanding of how the banks make money or to put it another way take money. I take it for granted and assume everyone realises that banks often rely on us being complacent to help put a smile on their shareholders faces. However, […]

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Welcome Blog

Well we have finally made it……its funny we used to sit in our old jobs and talk about this company and this moment and it seems crazy that for us this dream has become a reality. We are honestly so excited and cannot wait to help you realise your financial dreams. So who are we? […]

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