There are multiple factors to consider when getting a home loan, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process. Check out our articles to learn about all things home loans to help make your process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Tips for a better property valuation

A property valuation can really make or break your ability to get a home loan with lower valuations having devastating impacts on your ability to refinance to a cheaper rate, fund the purchase of a new home or in some rare cases limit your ability to sell your property. Over the last year we have been privy to the results of countless […]

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Top Home Loan Picks for Refinancing

Some guidance if you're in the market for a new home loan. It's pretty hard to escape news about refinancing for a better interest rate at the moment. Not only are we bombarded on social media by banks and mortgage brokers (apologies but we're included in this one) but if you happen to be a person who tunes […]

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ING 3 Year Combo Rate Loan Review

So the latest and greatest from our friends at ING. The 3 year combo rate home loan. Don't let the name confuse you it's basically a fixed and variable rate loan split with a seriously cheap price. In layman's terms you get access to a 3.69% 3 year fixed rate when you combine it with a 3.79% variable […]

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Fixed Rate Home Loan Review

So you are looking to make a change but are bombarded with home loan choices. Lets see if we can help you with a 2 year fixed rate home loan review. We looked at most of the 2 year fixed rates around town for someone borrowing $350,000. We then based our choice on price, features and offers to determine the […]

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What does the interest rate change mean for you?

Today the 2nd of August 2016 the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a reduction in official interest rates by 0.25% to a record low of 1.50%. But what does it mean for the ordinary person out there with a home loan? For about 80% of the people in the market who have variable rate loans this could mean […]

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Home Loan Types Explained

While Banks spend millions of dollars annually on marketing campaigns the reality is that there are really only a few home loan types that are just painted with different colours and are priced differently. Let's explore them. Variable rate loans The interest rates attached to these loans can basically move at the discretion of your bank. They normally […]

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Home Loan Features Explained

Ever wondered what all those home loan features actually mean. Hopefully we can make life a little easier with an explanation of the most common ones. Offset Accounts This is a transaction account linked to your home loan that helps reduce your interest repayments. Banks calculate interest daily and charge accordingly so any credit balance that […]

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The real cost of refinancing

How much are Refinancing Costs? Let’s get started by understanding what this refinancing stuff is all about. Basically, it is shifting your home loan from one bank to another with the goal of saving on interest payments. Unless you have been living under a rock you would have seen countless bank adverts talking about their […]

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Bolt Ons, Balloons and Repayments

A few tips on getting a Car Loan While this article tends to assume the worst in salesman there are plenty of car yards and finance brokers out there that will look after you and have your best interests at heart. Just make sure you acknowledge the tips below to make your car buying experience […]

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