There are multiple factors to consider when getting a home loan, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process. Check out our articles to learn about all things home loans to help make your process as easy and streamlined as possible.

What is an offset account and what are the benefits?

What is an offset account? An offset account is a transaction account linked to your home loan. It can help reduce the amount of interest you pay on your home loan meaning you may be able to pay off your loan sooner than anticipated! You can still make deposits and withdraw from your offset account […]

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Fixed interest rates – Is now the time to fix?

What are fixed interest rates? Fixed interest rates are rates that remain fixed for a loan's entire term, regardless of what happens in the market. Knowing your repayments will remain fixed allow you to plan ahead and maintain a certain standard of living. Fixed rates can also protect you from sudden rate rises. The downside […]

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Four situations to use a mortgage broker

There are four situations in which a good mortgage broker is beneficial - both in the short and long term. Buying your first home Buying your first home can be very overwhelming, but with an experienced mortgage broker, it should be a piece of cake. We have experience negotiating with banks and lodging home loan […]

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We Go Beyond Newsletter | July Edition

We Go Beyond! Welcome to our first Newsletter. Keeping in touch is important to us as long after the ink is dry on your loan documents, we’re still your personal banker and here to help. While we’ve both been lucky to take a short holiday recently, the end of financial year continues to keep us busy […]

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All About Lenders Mortgage Insurance

What is lenders mortgage insurance? Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is insurance that a lender takes out to protect itself against the risk of not recovering the full loan balance, if the borrower is unable to meet your home loans repayments and you default on the loan. In the unfortunate situation that this occurs and the […]

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6 Tips to pay off your home loan faster

As a mortgage broker I love being able to give people a few hints and tips as how to pay off your home loan quicker. Its not all about extra payments, its often just about maximising structure. Here are some sure-fire tips to ensure you shave years off your home loan 1)      Store Savings in […]

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